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I've been organising my cabinets today. As some of you may have gathered (especially from Sari's ongoing commentary here and there) I have few reams of paper products: fanzines, drawings, fiction, doodles, print-outs, crap, notebooks etc. Couple of cabinets, really.

I managed to get rid of couple of boxes, one of which (rather surprisingly) contained about twenty books. Some of which location I had been wondering a bit already, mainly the ones I had on my "To-be-read"-pile. Or the ones I was in the middle of, when we moved. Like Arthur C. Clarke's fiction autobiography Astounding Tales. That I've been searching for these past couple of days after the passing of ACC himself.

I thought of putting the book to the "powder room" ie. the WC (as opposed to the bathroom with sauna), but unfortunately we've been having bit of a problem with plumbing lately. Mainly the hose that leads from the hole in the sink that averts catastrophes if one leaves the water running (what do you call it? overflow-prevention device?) was not connected, meaning that water ran down to the cabinet under the sink.
Damages? Don't ask. I'll have to contact the NCC after Easter and ask what do they think is their responsibility in a situation like this and what do they think is the going rate of 1980's Conan comics. We're probably not going to see eye to eye there.

(Appropriately last.fm is playing Kings of the Wild Frontier right now. Which was preceded by Sunglasses After Dark and I Ran. That's Adam and the Ants, Corey Hart and Flock of Seagulls.)

Earlier today, when ice skating was still only a glimmer in the horizon, I was watching telly and eating brunch. There was this semi-sf series Jack and Bobby on. Somewhat interesting concept, but not that interesting in reality. Anyhoo, I googled the show and wasn't too surprised to notice that the show lasted only one season. What caught my interest was the other Finland connection (Christine Lahti is the lead in the series as the mother of the eponymous characters. I also note that she is married to Thomas Schlamme, one of the producers of the show), namely that the fictional president Adler, who was in power during the War of Americas, was later charged with war crimes, after being arrested by the president of Finland! Way to go, president Joku! (Now last.fm is playing Icehouse's Hey Little Girl. This is really good! Sounds a lot like Girls and Boys -era Bryan Ferry, which is great! OK, now we're back with Thompson Twins.)

I mentioned that I found some twenty books from the cabinets. This finally broke the 4 900 mark at Librarything.  Still some way to go for the full... Barth? Barnes? Bromley? What was that 5000+ size of a library?

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