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Mar. 23rd, 2008 01:08 am
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Easter. Apparently someone died a while ago and workers get few days off because of. Thanks.

I've been mostly thinking about the Åcon2 programming, book reviewing and murals. A mural, to be exact. I've been painting this big red cat, but I really need to get better brushes in order to finish the work. It looks good enough for now, but I'll be tweaking it for some time still. You'll see when you visit. Or I'll take a picture and post it here. Might do that tomorrow. Shadow knows.

Saw a sf-movie today. Alien cargo. I wasn't expecting much (nothing, really) and was pleasantly surprised by this little, entertaining and suspenseful tv-movie. Take some elements from Alien, add little bit of decent plot and suspense, hints of something sinister (but do not show it), rational explanation for irrational behaviour and genuinely coherent ending - et voilá! You have the makings of a very nice film.

Alien cargo is definitely no masterpiece: acting is OK, main characters are not that convincing as space truckers, exposition is dreadful when it happens (the bar scene, ouch!), dialogue gnaws more often than bites and your SFX isn't that much better than Babylon5 - but the film manages to entertain nevertheless. The two "heroes" are likable, especially after they are infected and start acting like it, surprisingly without anyone actually explaining it unnecessarily! And the ending is as it should be. Kudos.

This reminded me little bit about Outland, that MTV3 Scifi also showed few days ago. Gritty workers SF, these are. More of this, please. What kind of a movie could be achieved with little more grit, more eye for little everyday details and - for example - William Barton writing the story!

Incidentally, I see that Barton's last novel came out almost a decade ago. He is still writing short fiction, but no longer pieces. Shame, really.

Date: 2008-03-23 01:29 pm (UTC)
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Apparently someone died a while ago and workers get few days off because of. Thanks.

It would sound more logical, if we celebrated that bloke's birth by having a few days off rather than his death.

Oh wait...forget it...

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