Feb. 1st, 2008

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Here we go. PeBloWriMo Day One.

I'm afraid this beginning will be more short than sweet, as at the moment things are a wee bit busy. We've been painting the new flat in all manner of colours (as white is so blaah): Yellow for the kitcher, burnt Orange and Gold (or as our helpful paintseller-dude wrote on the cans "Sari's Bollywood colour") for the living room, Blue for the study (or "Sea Play") and somewhat Moomin Purple (no name for this one, but as I recall, it was callede "bold choice") for the bedroom.

Looks good, even if I say so.

I'm heading back in few minutes to juryrig a sort of little trolley-thing where one can put larger things in top of and glide them forth; like a sofa etc. I'm hoping we can construct most of the bookshelves today, so that we can put all the boxes in front of the shelves, instead of the usual method of placing book boxes along the bloody walls and then starting to ponder how are we going to build them shelves...

And there also the (and I'm reaching out here, help) lasyyri, sort of see-thru paint that we're putting on top of the bedroom purple (it's sort of a reflection of the window, you'll get it when you see it'll put some pictures here when we're done). But other than those, I think that the rest of this move will happen tomorrow. Lots of boxes to carry. I may carry more stuff to the new apartment, provided I can find all the useful things we might need over there. Like cooking gear and utensils etc.

El Gordo (our computer) will soon be turned off and since we do not know whether our new cable provider has opened our connection, tomorrow's PeBloWriMo might be even shorter one... Then again, even with connection and all, I may be a tad tired after all of this. And then it'll be Sunday and we have clean up the Old apartment... Really not looking forward to that one.

Quick point before I go: Really Good News about Finncon 2009 today. Hopefully we're able to announce good news, sooner rather than later. Stay tuned to PeBloWriMo for that!

Oh yes: Happy birthday to Katariina!

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