Feb. 2nd, 2008

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Oh boy! Am I tired. All I have to say is: HUGE THANKS TO YOU ALL! Without you guys (you know who you are) this would've taken pretty much the rest of the month. But now we're proud owners of a new flat (and for two weeks, two flats, in fact) where all bases are belong to us. Or something...

Apparently we have lot of stuff. So said the movers and shakers. And I guess I can see that there is truth in that. Some.

This is it, again short and so on. El Gordo is partly hidden behind wall of boxes and won't be usable until something akin to earthing happens. And we still don't know whether we have connection or not. I'm now typing with my mother-in-laws laptop, while Sari is taking little dogs ( Myy and Mommsen) out for a walk. Soon, Myy will enter her new apartment for the first time. We'll see how she'll react. Nice, shiny and pretty slippery new wooden floor for her to ruin slip all over.

Next: preparing bed and searching for all the necessary utilities in order to fire up the idiot box. Tomorrow: Cleaning the old flat and starting to fix up the place. Maybe sauna... More when happens.

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