Feb. 4th, 2008

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Here's what Sari wrote to Eating Muffins yesterday:

"Sort of cheating because Jukka isn't writing the entry (still no connection - we actually have to talk to each other), but at least it is content. He told me to blog something about taking baby steps. Go figure. Still unpacking the "stuff" we have "a lot of". Personally, I think we don't have that much stuff as such, all non-book stuff fitted nicely in about 60 boxes...

Annnyway, shelves are sort of up, clothes have been unpacked as are about half of the non-book boxes. And can I just say how much I love my bollywood inspired burnt orange and gold livingroom walls? It sounds ghastly but it is so pretty! Honest! And Jukka managed to pick the colours in the bedroom so that they (quite accidentally) match the ornamental tiles in the bathroom.

Huge thanks from me also to all who came to help. You guys knew what you were letting yourself into and still stepped up. We owe you big time."

Not much to add, really. Sunday went by while babystepping the work at hand. We unpacked half the rented boxes, didn't touch the cardboard ones (except in order to check out some CD's), put up shelves and managed to place clothes to proper places. Which meant that in the morning I couldn't find anything to cover my head or hands. Luckily I knew where my overcoat was. Still no idea where I am.

Myy has gradually accepted the fact that we're not returning to Taimistontie. She moves around a LOT and could definitely do with some carpets as the new Merbau floor is quite smooooooth. And slippery. Ooops.

Next item in the To Do -list: innernets connection. And cable for the eediot box. I managed to find 6-7 channels (Nelonen, MTV3, JIM, Sub, Voice, Urheilukanava and some infochannels) that actually show something, but despite the TV claiming to finf over 260 channels, the rest (viewable for free) weren't picking up signal. Must talk to Elisa about this.

Near future will include shelving. As in putting the booksies to their new home. Help will be appreciated. Any freelance librarians out there? Will provide food and beverages.

More later.
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There is a growing realisation that our new home is simply Teh Best. It feels spacious, it has nice rhythm to it, the colour scheme is just right. Of course, we're still miles away from the finished product ie. getting rid of the boxes. As of now, we still have a score of red moving crates to unpack, not to mention some 200+ bookboxes... And those booksies need a place to sit.

The livingroom shelves are mostly up, I still need to drill a ladder above the smaller sofa, but after that, the shelfspace for genre (SF, fantasy and horror) is ready. To be filled.

But this is going to take some time. Most, if not all, of February. While there is still quite a number of other things to do and attend to. Weddings, parties, meetings etc. Not to mention the checking up of one very promising venue for the 2009 Finncon. If even half of what has been said and promised at closed meetings is delivered, this could be it. Good vibrations.

And talking about conventions, Åcon 2 is coming in three months! There is still time to reserve your rooms at the Adlon, as well as your ferry tickets. Viking is the choice du année. There should be some kind of activity on that front as well soon. I'm again messing up with the programming, but unlike last year, this time we should've something prepared well at hand and most (if not all!) of the programming and program participants at least a bit before con. Perhaps. I will talk about Åcon programming during the PeBloWriMo. Remind me, if this doesn't start to happen.

Do not remind me about Patriots... snif.

Actually, funny story. We were able to pick up few channels from our digidigi last evening (today Sari got some good advice from Elisa and now our Telefunken is working as normal), of which MTV3 (not part of the Music TV conglomerate, but the largest Finnish commercial network - Mainos TeleVisio - on channel number 3) was one. They were broadcasting Superbowl, but after the weekends rather active workout, I couldn't face the workday without proper sleep (so I slept something like six hours...) and missed it for the first time this millenia. And my baby-Pats were playing!

I dreamt that Patriots lost the game, with four points. I kept pondering during the night, how on Earth could I know the end result, if I'm not watching the game, but I managed to convince myself, that Sari had seen the result somewhere. I was also somewhat sceptical about the referees call, which granted two points to NYBiggies due to "unsportmanlike conduct" by Belicheat. Which gave the NYTalls the four point gap and left Pats needing something bigger than a three-pointer.

And now I saw the decisive throw. What were Patriots thinking? Didn't see the game itself, so cannot really comment on the situation, but it looked amateurish, to say the least. Least.

Imagine my dissappointment. Somewhat confident that it had all been just a bad dream, only to find out, that while my dream wasn't reality, the loss was. Sadness.

There was a silver sports lining for today, however. Pena is gone, Pena is no more. HIFK has a new General Manager with Jukka Valtanen and a proper handler of the sports side of running the club in Tom Nybondas. Shurely Mr. Valtanen cannot do anything wrong with that kind first name? :)

And as you can probably guess, we have reconnect ourselves to the Innernets. This should mean that PeBloWriMo should be able to continue without further hiccups like yesterday. And some news regarding this glorious venture:

There is Another PeBloWriMoer!!! Why yes! And from Sweden no less. Well done, Néa!

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