Feb. 5th, 2008

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I have occasionally dabbled with fiction writing. Yeah, dabbled. Few short stories have been published, the most recent one at the Hannu Blommila Jubileum Book Hannun basaarissa (Hannu's Bazaar) called "Velho, joka tatuoi sieluja" ("Sorcerer Who Tattooed Souls"). It's part of a shared world which five of us way back when coined together in order to write stories together. Not a lot happened, Marko wrote "Kuin Benrubin syƶksy" which was published in Spin several years ago and the next published work my story.

A pity really. I tried to NaNoWriMo with story set in the shared world, which basically continued the story Marko set in motion, but I never managed to finish it. Never made the NaNoWriMo goal of 50 000 words, either. I just went back and read what I had written (those parts that I posted on lj) and thought that maybe I ought to go back there and tweak it a bit. You know, finish it.

Here's an excerpt that's basically a mood piece with some serious exposition going on. In Finnish.



Well, not immortal prose, but I like the mood, the people, the idea. Lyon is the renegade sorcerer ("a priest of Kairos" he's also called), while the shepherd is just a accidental passerby. Or is he?

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