Feb. 6th, 2008

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During the packing I found lot of crap interesting stuff that I had no idea I still had. With most cases I sort of "knew" they were somewhere around, but with some I was very much joyously surprised. And then
there was stuff I had no idea why I had saved it for.

Like this one sad little notebook, which had obviously been in the laundry. I do remember finding it after its ordeal, but I thought that I'd deposed it earlier. Evidently not.

Now, could it be that there was something really worthwhile, that I'd somehow mysteriously deducted of being of utmost importance? Maybe down jotted notes of my future fantasy masterpiece? Maybe a secret to life, itself?

Or could it be just one of those insignificant notebooks one has at work, to where hastily written little information is forgotten, things that were important only then - if even at that time, really? Well, the latter.

Let's see. Page one... some names and numbers. Page two, nothing. Three, a drawing. As well as four and five. Aah! Old colleagues from the Interior Ministry! The picture of Jukka A. is rather lifelike.

Some timetables, Marko's phone number. More "important" information. WWW-addresses. Bujold's homepage. Pat Wrede's bibliography. Now what's this one? [typing] "Page not found" - fancy that. Lawrence Watt-Evans bibliography. More work related stuff, boring.

David Sylvian sites. Shopping list of obscure Sylvian stuff. Still don't have all of them. Adam Ant stuff, including his filmography. Incidentally, new MOJO has an article of him. Nothing really new, I'm afraid. Same filmography, BTW.

Blablablaaaa, boring. Old webdresses, old everything that has nothing of value whatsoever. As predicted.

Now this other notebook I found. It starts with China Miéville's address and goes into better things from there on. Maybe even some immortal prose! Or at least some good ideas. Here are the top-10 movies according to Andrei Tarkovski, startng with Bresson's Le journal d'un curé de champagne and ending with Teshigahara's Woman of the Dunes. I don't think the latter one is a sequel to Herbert's novels.

Here's also an idea for a game, based on Earthsearch (Maata etsimässä)! That was a great radioplay from those operative, golden years when we was 12 - or something like that.  And a short story of Creidé Firaland, the Mad God of "Yyrin maa": "a fable and a story from the time Sharkar died and Daisnaid did not yet cry". Oh, cruel ending here. In short:

Mad God, Creidé Firaland walks the lands of men and occasionally bumps into their precense. Like this time, during a harvest festival. A small child touches Him and dies in an instant. Creidé Firaland laughs it off and makes everything merry again, sleeps with the mother of the child, who gives birth to a beautiful daughter, who will sleep with aforementioned Sharkar (a great hero, Herculean figure with this "mythos") and they will have a son, whom Sharkar will kill in the end. Classic.

Good stuff. I need to read these notebooks and find all the interesting bits and pieces from them. Who knows what evil might lurk in those pages? The Shadow nose...

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