Feb. 12th, 2008

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"Don't stop thinking about tomorrow." There is a Clinton documentary on channel Nelonen (That's Four in Finnish) and the makers had decided to use the "famous" Clinton ditty from the Presidential election. Irritating earworm that one.

Long day (again), few hours overtime at work, on legs and looking dutiful. Had a long talk with a retired municipal construction chief, whose stories were entertaining and had no connection to the one previously told. Best example of steam of consciousness I've seen for a while. Very entertaining. Now I know where to go if I ever happen to find myself five kliks from Mikkeli toward Mäkkylä. Or something like that.

Darn. I already forgot the place. *Sigh*, there goes that invitation.

Book cases. So far we've shelved speculative fiction and comics. Study is now painted and soon filled with cases. Now we need to decide how we're going to categorize our books. I had the idea of putting historical books to their own subsection. Now all we need is to determine, which books are historical and which not. Where to draw the line? Pre what? Decisions.

When study starts to take shape (as in El Gordo finds its Final Destination), we can move the thriller/mystery/crime case to its rightful place and finally finish with living room. We might even be ready to entertain people before February is over... Shh, don't tell Sari, as she is not going to like the idea...



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