Feb. 17th, 2008

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Rest has been in short supply lately. Move is still affecting life more than I'd care to admit and work seems to be draining the leftover juices pretty effectively. There's couple of conventions to arrange: Åcon2 and (admittedly a bit more distant) Finncon 2009. And everything else.

This weekend was once more one of little rest. We cleaned Taimistontie pretty much as clean as we possibly could, ate pretty decent Chinese at nearby Mr. Lau (Sari: "They have General Tso's Chicken!!!") and went back to clean the old place some more, and finally threw away some leftover crap from the balcony. We just went to sauna and now I feel like relaxing and taking it easy. In ten hours I should be back at work, though.

Next weekend we'll be in Hämeenlinna, in order to celebrate Fionna's wedding, so not too much rest there either, I'd hazard to guess. The weekend after that is Yhteistyökokous in Tammere, so... You know. I guess I might get some sleep in March.

"Ah, Myy! What did you say? The evening tea is ready! OK, I shall be on my way..."

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