Feb. 21st, 2008

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Just got back home from Finncon 2009 meeting where we welcomed some new organisers and went thru what has happened during our two month hiatus. Lots have happened. We're finishing our deal with the site (Grand Unveiling will happen at the Yhteistyökokous in Tammere in eight days time, just after PeBloWriMo), asking some new Guests of Honour, revamping the website (soon, RSN, Eemeli promised) and whatnot.

And what about our home? Sari has done some magnificent things here today! One of these days were going to have our home warming thingye and you're all welcome. We need to co-ordinate these things with Suna-people though, since they are also proud owners of a new home. Hello Suna!

I also bought a book today. Been a while since the last one. More soon, I hope! Also managed to see new Viivi Hyvönen novel, Apina ja uusikuu, which I read in manuscript form a while back. Really interesting work, which I have high hopes for as a finished product. Don't let me down, Viivi!

Early wakeup call tomorrow, so I'll hit the sack now. A Swedish friend is coming to Helsinki tomorrow, in order to attend a wedding on Saturday and we're meeting for dinner in the evening. Saturday well act as guides and head toward Vanajanlinna, where Fionna (nearly typoed Fiona, ghaps!) and Mark will be wedded. Hooray!

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