Feb. 27th, 2008

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Last two days have been bit more "exciting" than I expected, as I was transferred to another place at the Work. New gig, new duties, new everything. Pretty busy. Overtime."Spennailua", as we from Helsinki would say. We'll see how this goes. In actuality, this particular stint will last only until Wednesday, when I will take over the job I've been meant to take for some time now. So this is really a wee interlude, but holds a fair number of new things that probably will be important in the long run. Especially if this gig continues over the original eight months. Here's hoping.

I wouldn't also mind some kind of a holiday. Next weekend I'll be busy travelling, three cities in two days. And there's still quite a number of things I'd like (and especially Sari would like to see me) so in our new flat. Like drilling holes to the walls in order to put art, shelves and various and sundry hanging objects to there. As well as paint my HIFK-mural. So my next three weekend (following this travelling wilbury -one) will be dedicated to homestead maintenance.

This is funny. Really funny. I wish someone would do this for real and in album form. I'd buy a copy.

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