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Just got back from town. I and Sari met with YlvaS från Sverige and had a lovely dinner at Little Nepal. Recommended and probably rather Nepalese, in Indian way as Finnish Nepalese tend to be. Menu in Nepalese was a nice touch. It's now larger than last we visited, then also with Swedish friends, and I think their food has gotten better. It's nice, decently portioned and prices. Good little restaurant. Especially liked the mango lassi. Kukhuro Shiraz was marked down as medium spicy, which I first thought as somewhat under described, but soon realised that I probably ate the chili piece in it then. Solid, though. I think Sari had Bhendo Bhuteko, which was very good also. So, recommended.

Had a good chat with Ylva about various differences with Finnish and Swedish fandom, conventions and traditions. There are more similarities among us than differences, but what else is new? Tomorrow we'll head for Vanajanlinna for Fionna's wedding, in order to represent Scandinavian fandom there. I dread the possibility of dancing...

I have to share this with you as I find it very endearing. Waldrop is one of my favourites and his short stories some of the finest ever published. Go and buy any collection you see, you'll see. And if you don't, you're weird and boring. Well, not weird perhaps as is, but boring anyway and that is much, much worse.

Kirjava has the first ever translated collection, Musiikkia miesäänille ja lentäville lautasille, with original introduction by the man hisself. Then these's the new collection THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME: Selected Short Fiction, 1980 - 2005, which is equally great way to introduce yourself to Hard Waldrop. I understand Jan met Howard last weekend at Boskone. *envy*

And finally Eurovision Song Contest. Yes, that one. It's been barely a year and something since Lordi won the blasted thing. Last year we hosted the event and tried to be poprocky. No result. As we can easily deduct from this, we need metal. Namely, hero metal and therefore: Teräsbetoni. I didn't watch the actual show (hello!) but as Hesari had the results on their website, I needed to see what those Manowar Lite were up to.

Teräsbetoni had a solid first album with especially great singles as "Orjatar" and "Taivas lyö tulta". 2nd album felt like the "joke" (if there is one) was running thin. Now, with Eurovision Song Contest ("kuuntele kilpailukappaleet" opens a player where you'll find, among others, Teräsbetoni's song) they are back with a song called "Missä miehet ratsastaa". Gold, I tell you. GOLD. How cannot one just love a song with chorus like:

"Missä miehet ratsastaa,
siellä lampaat ei voi laiduntaa.
Missä miehet ratsastaa,
kuulee suden ulvontaa."

"Where Men ride,
no sheep can prowl.
Where Man ride,
you'll hear wolves howl."

("Translation" by moi)

As Calvin used to say: "It's great to be male!"
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