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Saturday! What a wonderful word. Could've been slightly less tasking, but when you move, you're forced to work a bit extra on your freetime.

Today we went and bought some shelves and accoutrements. Teemu and I drilled holes to the walls and attached Lundia ladders to it, in order to put shelves on top of the smaller sofa. Looks good. Then I spent some six hours stacking the shelves with genre books. And when I thought I was done, I found out, that the last box labelled as "Majora SF-3" included fair number of books by authors beginning with letter K.

And I still have no idea where the box "SF-8" is. I'm hoping the aforementioned "Majora SF-3" is that one, just mislabelled. Otherwise I might find somewhere a box, that has MORE booksies with authors beginning witk letter K (or L for that matter). When I look at the shelves, I notice missing boks. Where the heck is one of the Deathdealer-novels? And Adam Roberts' Polystom? And are these really my only books by Ian McDonald? Or Jack Vance?

One author that keeps popping up from all the wrong boxes is Michael Moorcock. When I was unpacking the M's (quite a few of those, I may have to see whether there are more M's than S's, or W's. I'm betting for M's, from MacAuley to Mäkelä. Anyway, as I was saying, Moorcock pops up everywhere) I found only two or three books by Mr. Moorcock. Then some started coming from the "Majora"'s. And "Series". And then just wherever. Golden Barge was with Z's and Y's.

I have continued to "purge" the library for the basement relocation center. Some go there due to the overall condition, for example most of the Burroughs (Edgar Rice, not WIlliam) ones are badly damaged, some with other considerations: doubles, "classics", Russian copies, "unlikely to read this decade, but cannot possibly part with", "read it and want to keep the book, but not necessarily in full view" etc.

Sunday will be fairly active again. We're heading back to Taimistontie, in order to do some final cleaning up. As it happens, we're not due to to release the old Casa Tali until the 19th, so we haven't been extra biusy with that one.  Hopefully it's slightly clearer skies tomorrow, as there are no lamps left.

Slowly, but surely, this is turning into home. Which is nice.

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