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We've been married for seven years now with Sari. Yay! In order to celebrate this momentous occasion, we cleaned up the old flat in Taimistontie, with huge help from Mekku and Ylva and not so much from Saga and Theta. Thanks for the entertainment, though.

Still things to do there, but increasingly less than before. Horrid work this cleaning business. How on earth did we manage to live among all that filth? The things you find when you've cleared out the furnitures and... stuff. Just mindboggling.

And then there was the Grand Premiere of God of Atlantis (Atlantiksen jumala/Gudan av Atlantis)! Wahey! What a motion picture supergavanza! As I said few days ago, I had some reservations before, but little of that is there now. Sure, there are lots of things in the film that could be better, but as sheer fun movie-making magic and friendship effort: PURE GOLD! It looked true, music was inspired (maestro Jyrki Tudeer!) and script that felt at times less than brilliant (my bad) was solid. Great one-liners, good humour and some truly magnificient performances, none so supercalifragilisticexpialidocious as the one by none other than that Dean of physical comedy, Tapio Ranta-Aho!!! I felt the pain only a man can feel at the end of the battle with invisible Jouni Kaartinen. Oumpf.

Great fun, really. Distributed by Flamemountain films, wherever such funtastic films are being sold. I'm guessing from Petri himself, and maybe Pieni Leffakauppa, dunno.

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