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2008-02-25 11:02 pm

PeBloWriMo Day Twenty-Five: ESCape from Espoo

Various interesting foodstuffs by something called Clearspring have bee seen at shoppes. Like these absolutely luvverly Teriyaki ricecakes I'm right now munching away with some fizzy and fruity. Horribly expensive, but looking very nice, clean and Japanese. English, by looking at the label, I see. This package says all kinds of things, like allergy free, vegan, wheat free and so on. And good.

Anyway. Today we had a little meeting at Mr. Tähtivaeltaja's place and such was the fervour and sparkle of wit, that the apartment next door caught fire! We (or Toni, really) were wondering what on earth is this slight, foul smell, when we heard sirens. And lo and behold!, fire trucks and firemen! And proper FIRE! Intense action for few minutes and then it was all over, wisps of black smoke as the lonely reminder of someone's personal tragedy.

After all this commotion, we needed beer and since it was the monthly meeting of the Espoo (and nowadays also Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi and Klaukkala) Science Fiction Society ESC, we went to Tapioca. ESC were also having their annual general meeting, but I managed to avoid all important positions of influence (and work) and almost esc-ape without any official duties. Somehow I was burdened with 2nd Assistant Bookkeeper title. I'll live.

ESC are planning some nice things or the future: ESCON will be held in 8th of October, they are publishing another book (first one was the simply brilliant Hannun basaarissa), and arranging another excursion into mystical Espoo! But what they do to trump last year's superior Hunt for the Giant Ape in Iso Vasikkasaari? Tough act to follow that one.

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2008-02-24 11:59 pm

PeBloWriMo Day Twenty-Four or, Nothing, Really

On occasion, I have days off. This was one of those days. Shelved some booksies, cooked dinner, took the dog for a walk and watched some footsie. And since it evidently is an off-season, Los Galacticos went and lost to Getafe (of all possible adversaries). Here's a prediction: none of "my" teams (HIFK, Liverpool, New Jersey Devils, Real Madrid, ToPo [that would be spectacular, considering how well they actually have done this season], Inter [OK, they too]) will win Championship this year.  Just watch, folks.

Like Sari told at Eating Muffins, yesterdays wedding was a lovely occasion. Fionna looked stunning and all the necessary accoutrements were done right and proper. We left around 1AM and were home somewhat after 2PM. The happy couple are going to Aruba for the honeymoon. Aruba. *sigh* I guess that means sea, sun and warm. *long sigh* Well deserved, you too.

Still looking for more GoH ideas, people. Repetition is fine, explanation for "Why her?" encouraged. Why would you want to see Liz Williams or Steph Swainston or Pat Cadigan as guests in a (hypotetical) Finnish con. Thanks in advance.
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2008-02-23 11:31 am

PeBloWriMo Day 23: "With Brigitte Bardot playing part of Hypotenuse"

Posted by jukkahoo

Let's say you'd be organising a science fiction/fantasy/horror convention. Pretend you are, this is purely hypotetical. And you'd have some Guests of Honours ready. Let's make them all male. And let's pretend that in order to give your con some sort of aspect of gender equality, you'd want to add a Guest (or two) that are female. Who'd be on top of your list?

And let's continue this game furthermore: say you'd be organising this con in Finland and you'd be advised not to bring back old GoH's. New would be the idea, not necessarily age-wise. And one more thing: in order to keep a well balanced budget, that GoH (or two) would have to be either European or already in Europe for reasonably priced travel expenses.

Now, in this completely hypotetical situation, who would You choose?

I'm now off to Hämeenlinna.
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2008-02-22 10:47 pm

PeBloWriMo Day kaxkax

Just got back from town. I and Sari met with YlvaS från Sverige and had a lovely dinner at Little Nepal. Recommended and probably rather Nepalese, in Indian way as Finnish Nepalese tend to be. Menu in Nepalese was a nice touch. It's now larger than last we visited, then also with Swedish friends, and I think their food has gotten better. It's nice, decently portioned and prices. Good little restaurant. Especially liked the mango lassi. Kukhuro Shiraz was marked down as medium spicy, which I first thought as somewhat under described, but soon realised that I probably ate the chili piece in it then. Solid, though. I think Sari had Bhendo Bhuteko, which was very good also. So, recommended.

Had a good chat with Ylva about various differences with Finnish and Swedish fandom, conventions and traditions. There are more similarities among us than differences, but what else is new? Tomorrow we'll head for Vanajanlinna for Fionna's wedding, in order to represent Scandinavian fandom there. I dread the possibility of dancing...

I have to share this with you as I find it very endearing. Waldrop is one of my favourites and his short stories some of the finest ever published. Go and buy any collection you see, you'll see. And if you don't, you're weird and boring. Well, not weird perhaps as is, but boring anyway and that is much, much worse.

Kirjava has the first ever translated collection, Musiikkia miesäänille ja lentäville lautasille, with original introduction by the man hisself. Then these's the new collection THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME: Selected Short Fiction, 1980 - 2005, which is equally great way to introduce yourself to Hard Waldrop. I understand Jan met Howard last weekend at Boskone. *envy*

And finally Eurovision Song Contest. Yes, that one. It's been barely a year and something since Lordi won the blasted thing. Last year we hosted the event and tried to be poprocky. No result. As we can easily deduct from this, we need metal. Namely, hero metal and therefore: Teräsbetoni. I didn't watch the actual show (hello!) but as Hesari had the results on their website, I needed to see what those Manowar Lite were up to.

Teräsbetoni had a solid first album with especially great singles as "Orjatar" and "Taivas lyö tulta". 2nd album felt like the "joke" (if there is one) was running thin. Now, with Eurovision Song Contest ("kuuntele kilpailukappaleet" opens a player where you'll find, among others, Teräsbetoni's song) they are back with a song called "Missä miehet ratsastaa". Gold, I tell you. GOLD. How cannot one just love a song with chorus like:

"Missä miehet ratsastaa,
siellä lampaat ei voi laiduntaa.
Missä miehet ratsastaa,
kuulee suden ulvontaa."

"Where Men ride,
no sheep can prowl.
Where Man ride,
you'll hear wolves howl."

("Translation" by moi)

As Calvin used to say: "It's great to be male!"
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2008-02-21 11:39 pm

PeBloWriMo Day Vingt-et-Un

Just got back home from Finncon 2009 meeting where we welcomed some new organisers and went thru what has happened during our two month hiatus. Lots have happened. We're finishing our deal with the site (Grand Unveiling will happen at the Yhteistyökokous in Tammere in eight days time, just after PeBloWriMo), asking some new Guests of Honour, revamping the website (soon, RSN, Eemeli promised) and whatnot.

And what about our home? Sari has done some magnificent things here today! One of these days were going to have our home warming thingye and you're all welcome. We need to co-ordinate these things with Suna-people though, since they are also proud owners of a new home. Hello Suna!

I also bought a book today. Been a while since the last one. More soon, I hope! Also managed to see new Viivi Hyvönen novel, Apina ja uusikuu, which I read in manuscript form a while back. Really interesting work, which I have high hopes for as a finished product. Don't let me down, Viivi!

Early wakeup call tomorrow, so I'll hit the sack now. A Swedish friend is coming to Helsinki tomorrow, in order to attend a wedding on Saturday and we're meeting for dinner in the evening. Saturday well act as guides and head toward Vanajanlinna, where Fionna (nearly typoed Fiona, ghaps!) and Mark will be wedded. Hooray!
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2008-02-20 09:54 pm

PeBloWriMo Day Twenty: Venttivan

Miksi Black Jackin suomenkielinen nimi on Ventti? Niinko kakskymmentä? Tarkoitushan olisi saada korttien yhteenlasketuilla lukumäärillä kaksikymmentäyksi. Niinko Venttivan.

OK. Nyt ei aivot pelaa, joten käytetään arkistoja huikeasti hyväksi. Muistatteko M. Arvin kirjakataloogin vuodelle 2007? Huikean muikea Marvin - The Lehden numero viime vuodelta, joka on siis kyseisen otsakkeen mukaisen kustannusliikkeen 100-vuotisjuhlakataloogi, jossa esitellään kunnianarvoisan kustantamon historia yhdessä uutuuskirjojen kera. Tätä(kin) Marvinia suunniteltiin kohtuullisen pitkään ja hartaasti. Jopa siinä määrin, että pidettiin parikin kokousta, jossa näitä kirjoja keksittiin humalapäissään luotiin rakkaudella ja hartaudella.

Mutta koska monituinen asia usein onnistuu suuntautumaan kohti Mönkä-nimistä paikkakuntaa, enemmän kuin useampi laadittu huono vitsi loistava idea jäi totetumatta. Alla oleva tekstiviipale on muistiinpanoja kyseisten kokoontumisajojen tiimoilta. ©opyright on tietenkin kaikkien paikalla olleiden indiviidien, mutta jotta nämä hömpötykset neronleimaukset eivät jäisi vain arkistojen pölypuudeleiksi aarteiksi, här tvättas:



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2008-02-20 12:19 am

PeBloWriMo Day Nineteen: Jagshemash

Awful sporting day today. Not only did HIFK lose, so did Real and Inter. The latter one wasn't really helped by the fact that they did lose to Liverbox, as I was sort of counting for Inter to put the Reds out of their miseries (Bransley...) for good. And what do they do? Second rate effort, with Materazzi doing what he does best, f**king it all up.

Today we also chose the Tähtifantasia Award nominees for the shortlist. And the brilliant five books are...

Take a guess. Go on, pick the right ones. Five books out of all those fantasies published in Finnish last year. Translated books, mind you, the originally Finnish fantasies are awarded the Mirrormere Award by the Finnish Tolkien Society.

Which really should consider very seriously Päivi Honkapää's Viides tuuli, which just last weekend won the Tiiliskivi Award, given by the Lit. Crit. students of the Tammere University. Viides tuuli is good, solid effort, which deserves much more credit and appreciation than it has so far garnered. I have a personal history with this one, as I was the original Reader of the manuscript Way Back Then. Now, years later, the book is out, it's good and getting good reviews, wherever good fantasy is appreciated.

I apologise for the relative shortness of these PeBloWriMoes of late. Various duties (or I call them duties, anyway) are keeping me rather occupied. The main one obviously being the move, but I cannot hide behind that one any more, as we have now given away our keys to the Taimistontie apartment. Gone, that happy home I used to call Casa Tali. But will Purotie be Casa Tali Two, or what? The Shadow knows, but he isn't telling.

I'll try to be more active with this one in the future and really have something to say. (*chuckle*) As if...
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2008-02-18 09:31 pm

PeBloWriMo Day Eighteen: Åcon2 is only 73 days away!

Are you coming to Åcon2? What kind of programming would you like to see? What would you be willing to do yerself? How does William Shatner karaoke sound like? Post-Colonialistic SF/F? More Never Mind the Buzzaldrins, with humming part intact?

I'd really like to hear from you guys about the programming part of the convention. And anything else that might interest you. I meaning here of course the lot of us. This more than any other con in Finland is a group effort. It's not quite relaxacon, but relaxed and loose, fun and games, interesting and proper fandom.

All comments are REALLY appreciated, both here and @sci.fi. Now, I need to go and see how Jesus people train their young ones on channel FST5. Digidigi.
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2008-02-17 09:29 pm

PeBloWriMo Day Seventeen: No rest for the wicked

Rest has been in short supply lately. Move is still affecting life more than I'd care to admit and work seems to be draining the leftover juices pretty effectively. There's couple of conventions to arrange: Åcon2 and (admittedly a bit more distant) Finncon 2009. And everything else.

This weekend was once more one of little rest. We cleaned Taimistontie pretty much as clean as we possibly could, ate pretty decent Chinese at nearby Mr. Lau (Sari: "They have General Tso's Chicken!!!") and went back to clean the old place some more, and finally threw away some leftover crap from the balcony. We just went to sauna and now I feel like relaxing and taking it easy. In ten hours I should be back at work, though.

Next weekend we'll be in Hämeenlinna, in order to celebrate Fionna's wedding, so not too much rest there either, I'd hazard to guess. The weekend after that is Yhteistyökokous in Tammere, so... You know. I guess I might get some sleep in March.

"Ah, Myy! What did you say? The evening tea is ready! OK, I shall be on my way..."
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2008-02-16 11:03 pm

PeBloWriMo Day Fiveteen: Wool

We've been married for seven years now with Sari. Yay! In order to celebrate this momentous occasion, we cleaned up the old flat in Taimistontie, with huge help from Mekku and Ylva and not so much from Saga and Theta. Thanks for the entertainment, though.

Still things to do there, but increasingly less than before. Horrid work this cleaning business. How on earth did we manage to live among all that filth? The things you find when you've cleared out the furnitures and... stuff. Just mindboggling.

And then there was the Grand Premiere of God of Atlantis (Atlantiksen jumala/Gudan av Atlantis)! Wahey! What a motion picture supergavanza! As I said few days ago, I had some reservations before, but little of that is there now. Sure, there are lots of things in the film that could be better, but as sheer fun movie-making magic and friendship effort: PURE GOLD! It looked true, music was inspired (maestro Jyrki Tudeer!) and script that felt at times less than brilliant (my bad) was solid. Great one-liners, good humour and some truly magnificient performances, none so supercalifragilisticexpialidocious as the one by none other than that Dean of physical comedy, Tapio Ranta-Aho!!! I felt the pain only a man can feel at the end of the battle with invisible Jouni Kaartinen. Oumpf.

Great fun, really. Distributed by Flamemountain films, wherever such funtastic films are being sold. I'm guessing from Petri himself, and maybe Pieni Leffakauppa, dunno.

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2008-02-15 11:46 pm

PeBloWriMo Day Fiveteen: Sad

Tough day today. Myy's father, the inimitable P. Mommsen has passed on and joined the choir invisible. You will be missed, Vötkäle.
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2008-02-15 12:21 am

PeBloWriMo Day Fourteen: I'm Not Scared

Days keep on being packed with labour, both at work and at home. Today I spent a great deal of time at the archives of Helsinki City Treasury. As some of you might know, the Banking Hall of the City Treasury is being rented out, as a cafe or restaurant or whatnot (as long as it is a respectable business and will offer a "meeting place for all members of the community to enjoy"), and this'll mean some serious carrying stuff from place A to place B. Like from the archives, where at least five kilometers of paper and folders will have to find a new place to gather dust. (Of course, as these archives are properly maintained, there is luckily rather little dust around.)

And there I was, moving stuff and packing boxes. When I got home, we did some arranging here as well. We moved the Tiimari-book case from Taimistontie to the new living room and then I organized the basement. Looking good that one, even if I say so myself.

All of this meant that when everything was finally done, it was rather late and I was far too tired to go to the mafia meeting. No news from there, then. I just flopped on the sofa and plodded thru the channels to see whether there's be something worthwhile to watch. Nothing, except I'm Not Scared.

No, not the music video of Eight Wonder, that barely adequate Patsy Kensit vehicle before... Emmerdale(?), or even the Pet Shop Boys version (they of course penned this only decent song Eight Wonder ever recorded - and BTW, those who own a record player and this single, try listening to it on 33 RPM!), but an Italian film from 2003 by Gabriele (Mediterranio) Salvatores.

Io non ho paura
is set in Southern Italy in the 1970's and tells a story of Michele, a 10-year-old boy, who discovers a wee lad of his own age hidden in a hole in the ground near an abandoned farmhouse. Michele realises soon, that his father is part of a kidnapping gang who are holding Filippo for ransom, but at the same time are treating the boy with cruel abandonment.
I'm Not Scared is part coming-of-age story, part family story, with some faint traces of magical realism (well, really faint) and foreboding doom.

I was certain the film had an unhappy ending and for a brief moment there was a tangible possibility for a really classic 1970's ending, but (fortunately?) the story continued for a moment. Really good film, with strong performances from the two youngsters.

Beautiful scenery: dry, sunny Mediterranean fields of golden wheat and clear blue skies. There was also melodrama and evocative music, but as a whole, this was a really good movie and I'm glad I had the chance to see it. Thanks YLE Teema! Once again.

And happy Valentine's Day, belatedly. Especially to you, dearest one!
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2008-02-13 10:28 pm

PeBloWriMo Day Thirteen: The Motion Picture

As has been the habit of recent years, Flame Mountain Studios will release a brand new film. Due to some technical procedures, the anxiously anticipated masterpiece God of Atlantis (Atlantiksen jumala) was not ready before Xmas, but now it is finally here!

As a matter of fact, the Premiere will be this Saturday (16th of February) at the Multiplex Benita. I had hoped GooGooMuck, who is organizing the event, would have at least a passing mention of the happening on their website, but no. Nothing.

What I know is, that starting at 6PM Helsinki University Science Fiction Club will show a veritable 'Smorgersboard' of movies relating to Atlantis and its Ammazzing secrets! The opening number will be the aforementioned God of Atlantis, starring Matti Tanska as heroic Jouni Kaartinen, Veikko Laeslehto as ingenious engineer Lauri Mutteri, Timo-Jussi Hämäläinen as dastardly villian colonel Taisto Kansa and Yours Truly as  docent Arimo Kaskelotti, inventor extraordinaire.

Yes, we're talking about a sequel (of sorts) for the 1950's b/w film
Warlord of Saturn (Saturnuksen sotavaltias). God of Atlantis (1967) is a 50-minute long fantastical film, filled with derring do's and excitement! Submersibles! Adversaries worse than lizardmen, aliens or even alien lizardmen! You'll be glued to your seat! Provided we can get some cheap glue somewhere. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you want your money back! Another brilliant film by that auteur Petri Hiltunen!

So, this Saturday at around 6PM at Benita. Benita is located at
Leppäsuonkatu 9 B, 1st floor (that's ground level here in Finland). Basically it's behind Clubhouse, but due to the ever ongoing building projects, the best way to get there is to walk along the Leppäsuonkatu, provided one is coming from the direction of Kamppi.

I haven't seen the picture myself. It was, as usual, fun making the film, even if we had few problems along the way. I don't have really high expectations of my own performance, I felt at times that I was a bit flat while delivering my lines, but you never know. What I do know, is that the movie is filled with some glorious performances! Just you wait!

I hope director-screenwriter-producer-actor-FX-maker-renaissanceman Hiltunen will have some copies of the film for sale. I need to get myself a few copies!

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2008-02-12 10:30 pm

PeBloWriMo Day Twelve

"Don't stop thinking about tomorrow." There is a Clinton documentary on channel Nelonen (That's Four in Finnish) and the makers had decided to use the "famous" Clinton ditty from the Presidential election. Irritating earworm that one.

Long day (again), few hours overtime at work, on legs and looking dutiful. Had a long talk with a retired municipal construction chief, whose stories were entertaining and had no connection to the one previously told. Best example of steam of consciousness I've seen for a while. Very entertaining. Now I know where to go if I ever happen to find myself five kliks from Mikkeli toward Mäkkylä. Or something like that.

Darn. I already forgot the place. *Sigh*, there goes that invitation.

Book cases. So far we've shelved speculative fiction and comics. Study is now painted and soon filled with cases. Now we need to decide how we're going to categorize our books. I had the idea of putting historical books to their own subsection. Now all we need is to determine, which books are historical and which not. Where to draw the line? Pre what? Decisions.

When study starts to take shape (as in El Gordo finds its Final Destination), we can move the thriller/mystery/crime case to its rightful place and finally finish with living room. We might even be ready to entertain people before February is over... Shh, don't tell Sari, as she is not going to like the idea...



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2008-02-11 10:10 pm

PeBloWriMo Day Eleven

We're back at TypePad. Nothing long and insightful that you've come to expect from me (ha!) this time, just a quick note that Sari has put up some pictures of out living room. OK, TWO pics: before and after.

Can I add pictures here without upgrading my account?

And a quick hello to Jerry!
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2008-02-10 09:59 pm

PeBloWriMo Day Ten - Lost Connection

We've been very happy with Typepad now for... well, longish time. If there has been problems, they've been dealt quickly and professionally. All in all, very good.

And now, just few minutes ago, I wasn't able to log on. Well, I guess this will sort itself out soonish, but as it is, I'm conitinuing this PeBloWriMo Extravaganza (lukewarm jeer) over here at lj-land.

Tired Sunday.

The week has been very exhaustive, following that somewhat busy weekend. Yesterday was surprisingly taxing and so I wasn't putting a lot of effort for today's little soirée to Taimistontie. Sari cleaned places and I washed some dishes and cleaned the fridge. There's still a load of old junk, as well as some stuff for the new apartment, especially the frame of one bookcase of which I seem to have been completely unaware of during the last time I checked the apartment the moving day. The one in the hall, which shall soon be actually pretty much where I and the computer are right now.

I also did some painting at the study/library/guest bedroom. Now we can start putting the work area in condition. I really should post some photos here, but I'm afraid Sari hasn't downloaded them from the camera yet. ("And why haven't you done it?", asks the wondering IT-professional from western Finland.) Well, I'm a luddite and happily so. I can get along with computers, operate various AV-equipments and even use my work mobile (Sonera3347488 - the old number works all right, but SMS's won't get thru, so in case you send me text messages, I might not get them that soon, as I keep the old phone shut at the moment).

Had time to watch most of the Finland-Sweden hockey match. Pleasant game, made excellent by the fact that we won. Always the desirable outcome of any match between Us and Them. :) During the game I was admiring our new living room book cases. Such a delightful sight! Now, if only I'd have some time off just for myself, I could read all the unreadables. Be finished probably by the year we finally have permanent base in Mars. Or customer service at Elisa.
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2008-02-10 01:19 am

PeBloWriMo Day Nine

Saturday! What a wonderful word. Could've been slightly less tasking, but when you move, you're forced to work a bit extra on your freetime.

Today we went and bought some shelves and accoutrements. Teemu and I drilled holes to the walls and attached Lundia ladders to it, in order to put shelves on top of the smaller sofa. Looks good. Then I spent some six hours stacking the shelves with genre books. And when I thought I was done, I found out, that the last box labelled as "Majora SF-3" included fair number of books by authors beginning with letter K.

And I still have no idea where the box "SF-8" is. I'm hoping the aforementioned "Majora SF-3" is that one, just mislabelled. Otherwise I might find somewhere a box, that has MORE booksies with authors beginning witk letter K (or L for that matter). When I look at the shelves, I notice missing boks. Where the heck is one of the Deathdealer-novels? And Adam Roberts' Polystom? And are these really my only books by Ian McDonald? Or Jack Vance?

One author that keeps popping up from all the wrong boxes is Michael Moorcock. When I was unpacking the M's (quite a few of those, I may have to see whether there are more M's than S's, or W's. I'm betting for M's, from MacAuley to Mäkelä. Anyway, as I was saying, Moorcock pops up everywhere) I found only two or three books by Mr. Moorcock. Then some started coming from the "Majora"'s. And "Series". And then just wherever. Golden Barge was with Z's and Y's.

I have continued to "purge" the library for the basement relocation center. Some go there due to the overall condition, for example most of the Burroughs (Edgar Rice, not WIlliam) ones are badly damaged, some with other considerations: doubles, "classics", Russian copies, "unlikely to read this decade, but cannot possibly part with", "read it and want to keep the book, but not necessarily in full view" etc.

Sunday will be fairly active again. We're heading back to Taimistontie, in order to do some final cleaning up. As it happens, we're not due to to release the old Casa Tali until the 19th, so we haven't been extra biusy with that one.  Hopefully it's slightly clearer skies tomorrow, as there are no lamps left.

Slowly, but surely, this is turning into home. Which is nice.

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2008-02-08 11:46 pm

PeBloWriMo Day Eight - Weekend Edition

Another week, another weekend. I quite like weekends. They have this "OK, I don't have to wakeup at some #@%!! hour of the night in order to go to work" part that I personally find most appealing. Also, they tend to include this "G&D$½i£!! I don't have to work for three more hours until I can go home and get some sleep, except that I can't really, since I have to take the little doggie out for a walk etc" part that I cherish a great deal, too.

Been shelving books this evening. I decided to cull them a bit. Only to the basement though, as the mere thought of giving up books for good good felt... wronk. I'm sure we have a number of good books that we could possibly part with, so it's possible that at some point I might put up some kind For Sale list.

BTW, who is responsible for what kind of programming there is on eedjit box on Fraidays? It felt like the best thing on today was The Core and that is utter crap.


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2008-02-07 10:44 pm

PeBloWriMo Day Seven: Raipe!

Missed the big game tonight. Raimo Helminen's last game wearing Team Finland jersey. And what a finish! Four seconds left and Raipe assists a goal, 6-1 against Czech Republic (appropriately Raipe's first even cap for Finland was against Checkoslovakia. Assist, not goal, that's Raipe all right. Mr. "I'd rather assist than score" Helminen. Any goalie in the Finnish Elite League could've seen that one coming, but not Duba. Who had played here few years ago. Brilliant and exactly as it should've been. A truly fitting end for truly magnificient career spanning six Olympic Games, countless tournaments and 331 caps for Finland.

But, alas! I missed the game. Important Finncon business. I believe we'll have some really good news when everything is sorted out. I hope and believe that both SF and anime fen will be pleased. (No, we're not going to separate them completely. Not that "good" news... :) )

We've also begun to stack up books to shelves. Sheesh, quite a number of them!

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2008-02-06 11:23 pm

PeBloWriMo Day Six: Book of Lost Things

Posted by jukkahoo

During the packing I found lot of crap interesting stuff that I had no idea I still had. With most cases I sort of "knew" they were somewhere around, but with some I was very much joyously surprised. And then
there was stuff I had no idea why I had saved it for.

Like this one sad little notebook, which had obviously been in the laundry. I do remember finding it after its ordeal, but I thought that I'd deposed it earlier. Evidently not.

Now, could it be that there was something really worthwhile, that I'd somehow mysteriously deducted of being of utmost importance? Maybe down jotted notes of my future fantasy masterpiece? Maybe a secret to life, itself?

Or could it be just one of those insignificant notebooks one has at work, to where hastily written little information is forgotten, things that were important only then - if even at that time, really? Well, the latter.

Let's see. Page one... some names and numbers. Page two, nothing. Three, a drawing. As well as four and five. Aah! Old colleagues from the Interior Ministry! The picture of Jukka A. is rather lifelike.

Some timetables, Marko's phone number. More "important" information. WWW-addresses. Bujold's homepage. Pat Wrede's bibliography. Now what's this one? [typing] "Page not found" - fancy that. Lawrence Watt-Evans bibliography. More work related stuff, boring.

David Sylvian sites. Shopping list of obscure Sylvian stuff. Still don't have all of them. Adam Ant stuff, including his filmography. Incidentally, new MOJO has an article of him. Nothing really new, I'm afraid. Same filmography, BTW.

Blablablaaaa, boring. Old webdresses, old everything that has nothing of value whatsoever. As predicted.

Now this other notebook I found. It starts with China Miéville's address and goes into better things from there on. Maybe even some immortal prose! Or at least some good ideas. Here are the top-10 movies according to Andrei Tarkovski, startng with Bresson's Le journal d'un curé de champagne and ending with Teshigahara's Woman of the Dunes. I don't think the latter one is a sequel to Herbert's novels.

Here's also an idea for a game, based on Earthsearch (Maata etsimässä)! That was a great radioplay from those operative, golden years when we was 12 - or something like that.  And a short story of Creidé Firaland, the Mad God of "Yyrin maa": "a fable and a story from the time Sharkar died and Daisnaid did not yet cry". Oh, cruel ending here. In short:

Mad God, Creidé Firaland walks the lands of men and occasionally bumps into their precense. Like this time, during a harvest festival. A small child touches Him and dies in an instant. Creidé Firaland laughs it off and makes everything merry again, sleeps with the mother of the child, who gives birth to a beautiful daughter, who will sleep with aforementioned Sharkar (a great hero, Herculean figure with this "mythos") and they will have a son, whom Sharkar will kill in the end. Classic.

Good stuff. I need to read these notebooks and find all the interesting bits and pieces from them. Who knows what evil might lurk in those pages? The Shadow nose...