Mar. 16th, 2008

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Hello again!

Took some time off from all that PeBloWriMoing. Missed me? Oh...

As some of you may already know, Finncon2009 (10th - 12th of July) takes place in Kaapelitehdas. It took some time to find a proper venue for the kind of convention we wanted to do: a joint Finncon/Animecon, where both can exist together, but still have their own space. Roughly translated as: massive happening room for the anime-kids and cosy mingling/beer-drinking space for the doddering old fools fen. I think we may have just found the place with Kaapelitehdas.

It will take LOT of doing, not to mention HUGE amount of volunteer work, but I'm sure we'll manage. And that we'll do it together. I think I will address this thing later this week.

Which I will call PeBloWriWe, as in Personal Blog Writing Week. I have some things I like to write about and if I conjure this stoopid incentive PeBloWriWe, I might actually force cajole make myself to do this. So, expect to read a bit about Finncon2009, Åcon2, Tähtifantasia (so, who will win?), Parcon and MTV3 Scifi.

And of course, congratulations to Mr. Koljonen for the BIG L!

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