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Awful sporting day today. Not only did HIFK lose, so did Real and Inter. The latter one wasn't really helped by the fact that they did lose to Liverbox, as I was sort of counting for Inter to put the Reds out of their miseries (Bransley...) for good. And what do they do? Second rate effort, with Materazzi doing what he does best, f**king it all up.

Today we also chose the Tähtifantasia Award nominees for the shortlist. And the brilliant five books are...

Take a guess. Go on, pick the right ones. Five books out of all those fantasies published in Finnish last year. Translated books, mind you, the originally Finnish fantasies are awarded the Mirrormere Award by the Finnish Tolkien Society.

Which really should consider very seriously Päivi Honkapää's Viides tuuli, which just last weekend won the Tiiliskivi Award, given by the Lit. Crit. students of the Tammere University. Viides tuuli is good, solid effort, which deserves much more credit and appreciation than it has so far garnered. I have a personal history with this one, as I was the original Reader of the manuscript Way Back Then. Now, years later, the book is out, it's good and getting good reviews, wherever good fantasy is appreciated.

I apologise for the relative shortness of these PeBloWriMoes of late. Various duties (or I call them duties, anyway) are keeping me rather occupied. The main one obviously being the move, but I cannot hide behind that one any more, as we have now given away our keys to the Taimistontie apartment. Gone, that happy home I used to call Casa Tali. But will Purotie be Casa Tali Two, or what? The Shadow knows, but he isn't telling.

I'll try to be more active with this one in the future and really have something to say. (*chuckle*) As if...

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