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Various interesting foodstuffs by something called Clearspring have bee seen at shoppes. Like these absolutely luvverly Teriyaki ricecakes I'm right now munching away with some fizzy and fruity. Horribly expensive, but looking very nice, clean and Japanese. English, by looking at the label, I see. This package says all kinds of things, like allergy free, vegan, wheat free and so on. And good.

Anyway. Today we had a little meeting at Mr. Tähtivaeltaja's place and such was the fervour and sparkle of wit, that the apartment next door caught fire! We (or Toni, really) were wondering what on earth is this slight, foul smell, when we heard sirens. And lo and behold!, fire trucks and firemen! And proper FIRE! Intense action for few minutes and then it was all over, wisps of black smoke as the lonely reminder of someone's personal tragedy.

After all this commotion, we needed beer and since it was the monthly meeting of the Espoo (and nowadays also Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi and Klaukkala) Science Fiction Society ESC, we went to Tapioca. ESC were also having their annual general meeting, but I managed to avoid all important positions of influence (and work) and almost esc-ape without any official duties. Somehow I was burdened with 2nd Assistant Bookkeeper title. I'll live.

ESC are planning some nice things or the future: ESCON will be held in 8th of October, they are publishing another book (first one was the simply brilliant Hannun basaarissa), and arranging another excursion into mystical Espoo! But what they do to trump last year's superior Hunt for the Giant Ape in Iso Vasikkasaari? Tough act to follow that one.

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