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We've been very happy with Typepad now for... well, longish time. If there has been problems, they've been dealt quickly and professionally. All in all, very good.

And now, just few minutes ago, I wasn't able to log on. Well, I guess this will sort itself out soonish, but as it is, I'm conitinuing this PeBloWriMo Extravaganza (lukewarm jeer) over here at lj-land.

Tired Sunday.

The week has been very exhaustive, following that somewhat busy weekend. Yesterday was surprisingly taxing and so I wasn't putting a lot of effort for today's little soirée to Taimistontie. Sari cleaned places and I washed some dishes and cleaned the fridge. There's still a load of old junk, as well as some stuff for the new apartment, especially the frame of one bookcase of which I seem to have been completely unaware of during the last time I checked the apartment the moving day. The one in the hall, which shall soon be actually pretty much where I and the computer are right now.

I also did some painting at the study/library/guest bedroom. Now we can start putting the work area in condition. I really should post some photos here, but I'm afraid Sari hasn't downloaded them from the camera yet. ("And why haven't you done it?", asks the wondering IT-professional from western Finland.) Well, I'm a luddite and happily so. I can get along with computers, operate various AV-equipments and even use my work mobile (Sonera3347488 - the old number works all right, but SMS's won't get thru, so in case you send me text messages, I might not get them that soon, as I keep the old phone shut at the moment).

Had time to watch most of the Finland-Sweden hockey match. Pleasant game, made excellent by the fact that we won. Always the desirable outcome of any match between Us and Them. :) During the game I was admiring our new living room book cases. Such a delightful sight! Now, if only I'd have some time off just for myself, I could read all the unreadables. Be finished probably by the year we finally have permanent base in Mars. Or customer service at Elisa.

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