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As has been the habit of recent years, Flame Mountain Studios will release a brand new film. Due to some technical procedures, the anxiously anticipated masterpiece God of Atlantis (Atlantiksen jumala) was not ready before Xmas, but now it is finally here!

As a matter of fact, the Premiere will be this Saturday (16th of February) at the Multiplex Benita. I had hoped GooGooMuck, who is organizing the event, would have at least a passing mention of the happening on their website, but no. Nothing.

What I know is, that starting at 6PM Helsinki University Science Fiction Club will show a veritable 'Smorgersboard' of movies relating to Atlantis and its Ammazzing secrets! The opening number will be the aforementioned God of Atlantis, starring Matti Tanska as heroic Jouni Kaartinen, Veikko Laeslehto as ingenious engineer Lauri Mutteri, Timo-Jussi Hämäläinen as dastardly villian colonel Taisto Kansa and Yours Truly as  docent Arimo Kaskelotti, inventor extraordinaire.

Yes, we're talking about a sequel (of sorts) for the 1950's b/w film
Warlord of Saturn (Saturnuksen sotavaltias). God of Atlantis (1967) is a 50-minute long fantastical film, filled with derring do's and excitement! Submersibles! Adversaries worse than lizardmen, aliens or even alien lizardmen! You'll be glued to your seat! Provided we can get some cheap glue somewhere. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you want your money back! Another brilliant film by that auteur Petri Hiltunen!

So, this Saturday at around 6PM at Benita. Benita is located at
Leppäsuonkatu 9 B, 1st floor (that's ground level here in Finland). Basically it's behind Clubhouse, but due to the ever ongoing building projects, the best way to get there is to walk along the Leppäsuonkatu, provided one is coming from the direction of Kamppi.

I haven't seen the picture myself. It was, as usual, fun making the film, even if we had few problems along the way. I don't have really high expectations of my own performance, I felt at times that I was a bit flat while delivering my lines, but you never know. What I do know, is that the movie is filled with some glorious performances! Just you wait!

I hope director-screenwriter-producer-actor-FX-maker-renaissanceman Hiltunen will have some copies of the film for sale. I need to get myself a few copies!

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